89773167_8Being acutely aware of the connection between mind and body strongly impacts Dr. Friedman’s approach to mental health treatment. It is clear to him that psychological issues deeply affect people’s experience of the world and need to be addressed in psychotherapy.

He also recognizes the intricate relationship between physiological imbalances and mental health issues. For example, it is essential to consider how the food we eat affects our mood, how depletion or imbalance in hormones may lead to cognitive or behavior issues, or how blood sugar imbalances can manifest psychologically. Likewise, it is essential to consider how the well the brain is functioning, whether physical or psychological trauma have led to brain overexcitation or suppression, leading to mental health symptoms.

A holistic approach to mental heath addresses both body and mind issues in the context of an ongoing healing relationship. It is a partnership in which the causes of specific mental health issues are identified and addressed at the level at which they are caused. Psychological issues are dealt with using psychologically oriented interventions, bodily overstimulation is attended to using mind-body techniques, biochemical issues using nutritionally oriented tools.

Addressing the the blocks to healing at their appropriate levels increases the likelihood of a robust recovery.